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Colo colo vs universidad de chile

Trasandino vs colo colo colo u21

Comments: Colo Colo Colo Women U19 beat Universidad de Chile and are crowned champions of the Torneo de Apertura 2022Las Albas completed a great game and overcame the blue team that played most of the match with one player less.By Rodrigo Valenzuela Gallegos05/08/2022 – 20:03hs CDT

The albas came in as the big favorites. In the semifinal, they defeated Deportes Iquique by 8 goals to 0 in a duel played on the synthetic pitch of the Monumental Stadium. With braces by Nicole Carter and Margarita Collinao and goals by Anaís Álvarez, Anaís Cifuentes, Bárbara Medel and Paloma Bustamante, the Caciques were in the final match.

In the group stage, Colo Colo won 9 wins in 10 matches, with devastating statistics. 74 goals for and 9 against, make the Popular team the great candidates to be crowned in this match. In addition, it has the participation of Anaís Álvarez, Margarita Collinao and Anaís Cifuentes, who are recurrent in Luis Mena’s team in the National Championship.

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Un registro completo de los partidos de competición disputados entre los dos equipos, Esta página muestra el historial de enfrentamientos entre Universidad de Chile (w) y Colo Colo (w), incluyendo las mayores victorias y derrotas entre los dos equipos, y las estadísticas H2H en todas las competiciones.Los equipos Universidad de Chile (w) y Colo Colo (w) han jugado 3 partidos hasta hoy. De ellos, Universidad de Chile (w) ganó 2 partidos ( 0 en el estadio de casa, 2 en el estadio de fuera), Colo Colo (w) ganó 0 (0 en el estadio de fuera, 0 en el estadio de casa), y empató 1 (1 en el estadio de casa, 0 en el estadio de fuera). En la División Chilena Femenina 1, los dos equipos jugaron un total de 2 partidos antes, de los cuales Universidad de Chile (w) ganó 1, Colo Colo (w) ganó 0 y los dos equipos empataron 1.En la CONMEBOL Copa Libertadores Femenino, los dos equipos jugaron un total de 1 partidos antes, de los cuales Universidad de Chile (w) ganó 1, Colo Colo (w) ganó 0 y los dos equipos empataron 0.Récords cara a cara de Universidad de Chile (w) contra otros equipos. Selecciona el rival en el menú de la izquierda para ver el historial general y la lista de resultados.Estás en la página donde puedes comparar los equipos Universidad de Chile (w) vs Colo Colo (w) antes de empezar el partido. Aquí puedes comparar fácilmente las estadísticas de ambos equipos.Estadísticas H2H actualizadas el 2022/09/05 a las 12:31.

Universidad de Chile vs Colo Colo Colo

Universidad de Chile vs Colo Colo Colo will face each other in a new edition of the Superclásico this Sunday, July 31, starting at 1:30 pm. The match will be played at the Estadio Fiscal de Talca, despite attempts by the mayor of the city.

Azul Azul is expected to put tickets on sale within 48 hours. The Fiscal stadium has a maximum capacity of 16 thousand spectators, but for sanitary and safety reasons, Azul’s management expects a capacity of around 7 thousand fans.

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That’s why the 1-0 defeat, where the blue team showed a game with very few goal arrivals, left the blue fans worried about the future, as the team lacks association in offense to complicate their rivals.

In this case it was the newcomer Nery Domínguez who failed to catch Pato, who shot and found a good response from Cristóbal Campos. Fortunately for the Chillanejos, the rebound was again left to the striker who shot inside.

The Chillanejos, with this victory, remain as escorts of Colo Colo with 33 points, only three units behind the albos. Meanwhile, the U is in tenth place, four points away from the international cup zone and six points away from relegation.

The «red devils» are under pressure if they want to continue fighting for the lead, because Colo Colo Colo defeated Audax and took a six-point lead over them. If Jaime García’s team wants to remain in the leader’s sights, they must recover their winning streak after two setbacks in the second half of the season and beat the blue and whites on the road.