mayo 27, 2023

Club universidad nacional de colombia

DAAD Colombia: Studieren in Kolumbien

(-12:00) IDL Oeste(-11:00) Samoa(-10:00) Hawai(-09:00) Alaska(-08:00) Hora del Pacífico(-07:00) Arizona(-06:00) América Central(-05:00) Indiana, Bogotá(-04:00) Caracas, La Paz(-03:00) Groenlandia, Montevideo(-02:00) Atlántico Medio(-01:00) Cabo Verde Is. ( 00:00) GMT: Londres(+01:00) Berlín, Roma, París(+02:00) Atenas, Sofía, Estambul(+03:00) Moscú(+04:00) Abu Dhadi(+05:00) Ekaterimburgo(+06:00) Astana, Dhaka(+07: 00) Bangkok, Hanoi(+08:00) Pekín, Hong Kong(+09:00) Seúl, Tokio(+10:00) Canberra, Sydney(+11:00) Magadán(+12:00) Fiyi, Kamchatka(+13:00) Nuku alofa

Pumas club world cup

Before the astonished eyes of a hundred spectators participating in the opening ceremony of the institution’s National Arts Encounter, he dropped his pants, turned his back and showed his backside.

Mockus’ explanation? After several attempts to be allowed to speak in the midst of a phenomenal rejection of the University’s directors who were participating in the event, his patience ran out. Then, without thinking twice, he searched among his irreverence for an effective way to silence them and grab all their attention.

That time, the rector was in that city mediating to solve the violent occupation of the university campus by several hooded students who went on hunger strike and held a vice-rector for more than seven hours. Downstairs, in the inner courtyard of the National University, students shouted slogans and booed.

Mockus said at the time that the thing was distorted a little. For many people what I did was to exhibit my genitals and for others I undressed. It was very curious. I had not suspected that, sometimes, simply mentioning the idea of doing something can be equivalent to doing it.


The ACS is a private non-profit foundation, created with the objective of articulating the academy, the government and the private sector for the development of the aerospace technologies and services industry in Colombia with the execution of projects of social and environmental impact.

Create an aerospace vision that allows Colombia to evolve in the application and development of satellite technologies, with the objective of promoting productivity, efficiency, growth and integration of the various sectors of the economy and thus contribute to the construction of a more inclusive, prosperous, environmentally friendly and advanced country.

The mentoring program is an initiative of the Colombian Space Agency – ACS that seeks to create a space in which people both in the process of training and professionals can apply their knowledge in multidisciplinary projects with application within the Colombian territory, as well as research, focused on space development.