junio 2, 2023

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Practically since its foundation, the Rugby section C. D. Universidad de Granada, was interested in creating teams of lower categories with the intention of facilitating the practice of the oval sport. D. Universidad de Granada, was interested in the creation of teams of lower categories with the intention of facilitating the practice of the oval sport and to incorporate these players to their university and federated league teams at the time.

It has its beginnings in the late nineties, promoted by coaches and veteran players of CD Universidad and other clubs, interested in promoting the practice of this by extension of the quarry of the same and «give back to rugby what it gave them at the time.

The season started with the illusion of a new category and the joy of returning to a national category after the relegation in the offices. The group was aware of the difficulty of the challenge especially with the casualties of Pedro Martinez who would play in the Sevillian Cajasol Sciences and also that of Martin Fernandez Foppoli, on the other hand, the team was congratulated by the return of Pablo Sanz one of the emblems of the club and the incorporation of another product of the university quarry as Fernan Perez that would change the face of the front.

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Real-time path tracer implemented on Vulkan KHR based on Peter Shirley’s Ray Tracing In One Weekend Series. Final thesis for the double degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics of the UGR.

Final Degree Project by Juan Antonio Villegas Recio, student of Computer Engineering and Mathematics at the University of Granada. The project consists of an introduction to fractals and their mathematical foundations, together with 2D and 3D fractal visualization using Ray-Tracing techniques.

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El método UGR (Unified Glare Rating) es un índice internacional presentado por la CIE en la publicación 117 y se utiliza para evaluar y limitar el deslumbramiento directo psicológico de las luminarias. A diferencia de los métodos anteriores, en los que el deslumbramiento se calificaba utilizando los valores de luminancia de una sola luminaria, este método calcula el deslumbramiento de toda la instalación de iluminación en una posición definida del observador. De acuerdo con la norma DIN EN 12464, el valor de referencia UGR se proporciona para una habitación estándar. Un cálculo exacto del valor UGR en una posición definida del observador en una habitación es posible con los modernos programas de diseño de iluminación. Cuanto menor sea el valor UGR, menor será el deslumbramiento. Cuando la luminancia es < 1000 cd/m2, se proporcionan datos adicionales sobre el ángulo de elevación, ya sea de 65°, 75° u 85°. Este es el ángulo crítico por encima del cual la luminaria tiene una luminancia total de 1000 cd/ m2.

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The extent of the effects after the intervention will be studied in a sub-sample 8 months after the end of the exercise program. Using the most advanced technology, cognitive performance will be evaluated, as well as changes in the structure and functioning of the brain, all by means of electroencephalograms and MRI tests (both structural and functional).

This project will make a substantial contribution to existing knowledge and will have a major impact on society, since early stimulation of brain development can have long-lasting consequences on cognitive and academic performance and in the prevention of mental disorders.